Your newest album Knuckles will be released soon. What can fans expect?
Music [laughs]. It’s not necessarily a new direction or anything, but maybe [the sound] is a little more organic.

Your lyrical content is usually quite personal, where have you drawn lyrical inspiration from for this album?
This album is slightly different from the last ones because of the fact that [Greg Carlin] moved to Cape Town. It was a big change and [he] was just in a better space in [his] life. The lyrics definitely reflect that, although some of the stuff still reflects back on the old days. It’s stuff that will always be there and it’s always good to go back and re-look at those things. It’s still very personal, looking at what’s happened in [Greg’s] life, in [the band’s] lives. We all have a very similar lifestyle and this represents where we are right now, in our headspace.

Do you have any personal favourite songs on your new album?
“I’ve been bad”, our single that we just released a video for [as well as] the song “Knuckles”.

How did you find the shooting of the video for your latest single “I’ve been bad”?
It went really well. We got our fans involved in the video and it was cool to make them a part of the experience. We created this whole little world and it was one of the first videos we’ve been really happy with because we came up with the idea and it’s probably our favourite video we’ve ever done.


Photo: Brad Donald

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