Oduwole and her two sisters, Arielle and Azaliah, have a website named Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up on which they provide information about themselves and news regarding their projects. Oduwole is an advocate for girl’s education in Africa and speaks to presidents and prime ministers to create policies that will help provide education for children in Africa. 

House Humanities head of marketing Celma Costa said that, “Many of us are quick to demonise the future of our continent and yet we fail to uplift its image. Zuriel Oduwole, though having grown up in the USA, recognised at her very young age the importance of portraying and promoting a positive image of Africa. In showcasing her latest documentary, ‘A Promising Africa Series’, she reminded the audience that though Africa’s past is burdened with suffering, our future is built on ideas of immense potential. We hope to establish a culture of meaningful conversations as we continue to engage forward-thinking individuals with Zuriel Oduwole”.

Tuks is the first university Oduwole has spoken to and she also says that it will also be the first university she will consider studying at when she applies for tertiary education.

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